ea (edrisamin) wrote,

Something happend to the guy under the table next to me

The Near Gaseous End of the World

Edris Amin

            The day began with a rigged, rock solid, pin pointed plan. As I rocketed through the Science building’s hall I dodged Dr. Kress while passing her on our way to class. In the brief moment of passing her I turned and began walking backwards as I told her about the latest Halloween costume, “The Doppler Effect” costume. After explaining it to her, I rushed into PHYS53 with just enough time to get my seat and pull out my notebook. In my seat, I began to finish my Statics homework; while at the same time taking physics notes.

            The morning went at full throttle through Statics, and Geography. I rushed into the Ammonia misted forest of the SJSU Math department, listed under “MATH 42 Discreet Mathematics” with Dr. Schmeichel. I sat in my usual spot in the back and pulled out the required photocopied notes as Schmeichel was getting half way through a page reading it verbatim word for word, phrase by phrase. Listening to the drowning equations and seeing them copied onto the board number by number, symbol for symbol, I straightened myself out trying to stay awake. It didn’t work; I woke up with only 15 minutes of class left, still with my pencil in hand, a few scribbles of my own math short hand, and my eyes wide open. “Wow that was a nice nap!” I thought to myself in private.

            Walking out of the math building, quite drunken from the Ammonia fumes (no seriously Schmeichal walks every where with a symbiotic cloud of Ammonia permanently attached to him) I thought about the next target for an arrow in my “things to do today” quiver. I got to my locker and stood there simply to kill the time as I rested my mind. I left my backpack in my locker and only took the stack of papers required for my next task. On my way to the copy shop I realized I had forgotten about my promise to meet Sean.

            I turned back to the direction I came from, and began a steady sprint, to the Engineering building. I knocked on the door where Sean was waiting. Once inside we discussed the programming, blah blah blah, programming, blah blah blah, airplane, blah blah blah, robot, blah … … … programming. In the end we had 5 pages of notes written on five pieces of paper the size of a playing card. Although the blah blah balh discussion may sounding boring to the layman, it was fun. You just had to be there.

            After the robotic airplane meeting, and following the Kinkos appointment I ended up in open lab. As I walked in I realized how much time I had wasted doing nearly frivolous tasks. Taking my laptop out I thought to myself about my laser accurate plan to study. I jumped right into the problems session with Jose and the others. We went through 4 different explanations of a solution to a test question in what felt like three hours.

            After a small break on my laptop checking my email, I got back into my notebook, ready and confident to design the next solution. As we were discussing it Ray got up to the board to show us the best solution. After I understood his example I began to workout the function [f = (…)] for myself.

            Sitting there with the pencil in hand I felt the need to stand; that’s when we heard the movers in their 10 pound steel toe boots walking into the room below. As they moved the furniture around downstairs they moved with so much force that the ground rumbled with each of their steps. They finally started to move the heavy steel filling cabinet. We knew that the Movers were tired at this time when we heard the sound of steel sliding over brittle granite. The floor and walls began to slowly resonate with the steel on granite. That’s when we began to freeze into statues of out current condition, just as I was finishing the last stroke in my “f”

            This frozen feeling felt like literally two minutes. That’s when my pluse jumped and I yelled “EARTHQUAKE FIND A TABLE!!!”



When the four of us were each under his own table we stayed there, silently for the next half hour, still with the room swinging side to side like a spinning top just before it stops.

            Jack ( رإ اگولار ) couldn’t hold it in anymore at this point, he let go of his self control. He began with a slight warning of movement in order to position himself in the right orientation of release; he then broke the silence with his flatulence.

            We couldn’t help but laugh, even if it was the end of the World.

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